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Welcome to Finesse Music!

Finesse is a newly founded business that is dedicated to providing quality service for every piano in and around the Lapeer/Oakland county area. We provide full service tunings, spot regulating, minor repairs, and more.

Pianos are simply marvelous instruments. With an average of 230 strings, thousands of moving parts, and up to 30 tons (yes, tons) of pressure exerted from the tension of the strings, the sound one can produce is simply amazing. However, with such a complicated instrument comes much maintenance. Head on over to our services page for more info on what maintenance your piano requires, and we can provide. Whether you’re looking for professional service to fix up the old family heirloom for the grand kids, or you’re just tired of hitting that one sour note, we can help.

It is our desire to provide every piano owner (be it family, teacher, school, church, etc.) with an affordable way to experience the full potential of a properly maintained piano.

Contact us today, and we’ll set you up with the service you and your piano deserve!