About Me


BioGreetings! My name is Andrew Thompson. I am a Certified Piano Technician, and owner of Finesse Music.

Over the years I have developed a love for the magnificent instrument that is the piano. When I see a piano, I get the unexplainable urge to sit down at its bench, and listen to what those felt hammers have to say. I have lived in Oakland County for most of my life, and as I acquainted myself with more and more pianos around the county, I realized there was a hole in the community. Countless pianos that have dropped their pitch, lost their tune, and are falling short of the full potential of 88 hammers melodiously bringing life to the many strings that dictate the emotions of all who hear. My aim is to patch that hole. From the spinet to the grand, “Honky-tonk” to near perfect, I will restore the sound quality that you and your piano deserve.

I am a firm believer in providing quality service on a professional level, in order to meet every expectation, and then some. I can confidently say that you will not be disappointed with my services.

Finesse Music is a newly founded business dedicated to providing professional piano services to the Oakland/Lapeer county area. Our current primary services include Tuning, Spot Regulating, and Minor Repairs.